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A best-selling novelist in the 1980s, Hilary Cameron is facing dwindling sales for her dense, literary works. When her beautiful young niece Ginny asks for help with her novel-in-progress, Hilary first hesitates,  ends up typing a rough ‘first draft’. Published under Ginny’s name, The World Is Your Oyster earns international sales and is nominated for a prestigious literary award, threatening a family crisis and public scandal.

Meanwhile, the Cameron family deals with the sudden death of their 82-year-old patriarch, Harold, who plunged to his death while fiddling with the satellite dish. Harold’s death brings the far-flung Cameron clan back together, raises questions about the mild-mannered man they thought they knew. His ambiguous legacy includes a shocking will. What will become of the 200-acre Cameron family farm, with a spectacular view of Lake Ontario and acres of valuable vineyard?

A multi-layered story of literary and sibling rivalry, Oyster is a comic look at the decline of the novel, a love story, a whirlwind personal journey about identity, transformation and the biding ties of family.