A new play by Marianne Ackerman

created in collaboration with Brian Tannenbaum

Montreal, a weekend in June

A contemporary comedy/drama about the ego-fest created by wealth transfer, with conflict over sex, fidelity, marriage and the meaning of money.

SYNOPSIS: Max Rosenberg’s country house in the Laurentians. The Rosenberg family gathers to celebrate Max’s honorary degree awarded by McGill University, following his generous donation. Suspecting he intends to leave McGill the entire fortune, Max’s daughter-in-law, Zelda, sets out to challenge him. Sean, a struggling Montreal-based actor, brings his new girlfriend, Giselle Filion, to meet the family.


Max Rosenberg, 85, Baron Byng alumnae, Montreal construction tycoon.

Sid Rosenberg, early 60s, Toronto-based GP.

Zelda Cohen, lawyer and philanthropist, married to Sid.

Sean Rosenberg, early 30s, Montreal-based actor, son of Zelda and Sid.

Giselle Filion, late twenties, recent HEC grad, Sean’s new girlfriend.