Piers’ Desire

Avignon, France. Thriller writer Piers Le Gris is living a comfortable life of exile under the care of his doting landlady, Nelly Reboul, until her beautiful young niece moves into the ancient mansion. Magalie’s vitality, curiosity and tempestuous lovelife draw all three into perilous intrigue.

Nelly is forced to confront a love affair from her past. Piers finds himself entangled in the crosscurrents of desire, swept up in the lives of compelling women. A potent clash of spirit and flesh, this is a tale of love and redemption.


Donna Bailey NurseThe Gazette

“charming and romantic – an evocative read.”

Zoe WhittallGlobe and Mail

“Past and present narratives often weave together beautifully, with themes that echo through the years, of the choices of youth and the repercussions in later years. … breathtaking moments of authenticity.”

Meredith DiasGoodreads

“The writing broods, contemplates, philosophizes. It reminisces. Ackerman has managed, with relatively few words, to create a story that is simultaneously dreamlike, with frequent (sometimes jarring) shifts in perspective to keep the reader alert. Gothic in mood. Dark obsessions and unresolved feeling preside here.”

Heather CraigFredericton Telegraph-Journal

“What Ackerman does so well in this novel is create dynamic characters we can care about, without losing any of the subtlety of the narrative. The way each of the narrative strands is woven together is deftly accomplished. The war-time past and subsequent disappointment of Nelly, the tempestuous entanglement of Magali and Mouloud, and Piers’ stumbling about in the no man’s land between his monk-like existence as a writer and the unwritten world that he is forced to interact with, all come together in an original and strange ending that relates desire and its aftermath to something like grace.”