Tidy Closet of My Mind

Frankly, I’m sick of working for Mark Zuckerberg. I know the exchange is
of mutual benefit, and wouldn’t for the world withdraw from his system.
But I’m hungry for a place between the ruins of print media and the
wilderness of the Wild West Web. I don’t much care how many people
stumble across this site. I can’t afford to care, because caring would
cause me to think about how to expand readership, suck me into the
vortex of search engine optimization, clicks, algorithms, apps, and a lot of
other stuff I’d be faking if I even bothered to mention. Not the point.

I hope this refreshed personal site will be not only a platform for
my work and a window into my works-in-progress, but a means of
communicating directly with friends, colleagues, readers, theatre-goers
and other like-minded people, without the intermediary of social media.
Free from the elaborate promise of a regular magazine. There is no
mission, other than the life-long struggle to organise thoughts and
projects. Hopefully this tidy closet of my mind will inspire ideas about
how to grow and survive as a writer in difficult times. The only times
worth writing about.

I invite you to poke around. Scroll across certain images to find
hidden links. If you want to translate the feeling into music, listen here.

If you have a comment, leave a comment. Keep in touch or move on.
Thank you for dropping by.

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